Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Put off Spending Today What you can easily spend Tomorrow

Procrastination has its rightful place- in your pocketbook! My new mantra is: "Do I really need to buy this today? Is there anything else I can use in its place?"

But, it's not our fault that we have a natural tendency to want to "buy today". Everyday we battle the commercials telling you that you're missing out on a great product; and fending off our children's materialism.

I believe we have a genetic instinct, a defense mechanism, to be prepared for "lean-times". But we are no longer the cave people that existed many many years ago. We have credit cards... government aid...etc. In many ways, we are preparing for and stocking up for an event that usually won't happen. And that's where our "spending" and hoarding comes into play in our modern times.

Bottom line: You are going to survive. You have the mental tools to make do with what you have. And with the right mindset, you have plenty. BTW, media is over-rated. =p


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