Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Essence of Frugality

All of the efforts we pour into saving money and being frugal boil down to a main idea: our priorities.

When you want something badly, why wouldn't you trim other areas of your life to make it happen? Priorities provide ample motivation and committment to the goals; and you can attain through your frugal efforts.

For me, I've always been on the frugal end of the consumer spectrum, but now I have passion behind it. I know that my efforts will be rewarded in the future. Delayed gratification is the name of the game; if you can't stomach it- you're bound to get derailed from your goals.

Another part of frugality is understanding what a certain "thing" is worth and what it means to you. If something doesn't make you happy or excited, why would you rob your goals for it? Today, we went to the nearby Dollar Store. Even at such a discount place, I took much consideration for what I was buying. I don't take even lowly coins for granted.

My life of frugality doesn't impune me with wants or doing without- but gives extra value to what I cherish and fuels my goals.



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