Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hello out there

Most of you "happened" upon this blog from my other blog http://gardenofjasmin.blogspot.com.

I figured that the pennypinching alter-ego of mine should get its own blog. "Frugal Does a Body Good" is devoted to creative/substitutive frugality in every facet of life in a laidback presentation. My approach is that frugality (by necessity or by choice) is healthy for your bod' and bank.

I grew up in a rich- so, I don't want to give you the idea that I'd "settle" for giving up what's important to me. If I can't swallow the next best thing- the homemade, self concocted, time consuming version- I would rather do without. I might be the only person who views frugal thinking in an ingenius light. Perhaps- after reading my blog- you'll agree.

I'm not a "freelance" writer- so all contents will be attributed to other blogs/sites, my random crazy ideas, and the like.

So- enjoy!


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