Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Don't Hide your Ice-Cream Obsession! { GARDENING }

Use those pint sized indulgent containers waste away in the trash!

For a contemporary spin or "disguised" however you like, use the ice-cream containers for a planter container and the lid as the "liner". Just remember to poke holes in the bottom of it or drop some marbles/rocks in the bottom to allow for adequate drainage.

This was a wacking idea that popped into my mind today as I was planting rosemary seeds in an all-to-formal clay pot. BTW: it was Low fat YOGURT!

FYI: I worked for my mother in her flowershop during my highschool years and then at another floral company in IL in my early twenties for four years. And I named my daughter after a flower and Disney character: need I say more?


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