Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Are "Disposables" really trash worthy?

I know that if I were a true "frugal zealot", I would avoid "disposables" at all cost. (excuse the pun)

But, let's say I had signed up for a free sample. Should I just throw it in the trash after one use because the packaging told me to do so? Would they make money on the line of items of we didn't do as they suggested? No.

So, I will stand in the middle. If "disposables" are a real relief for us- why not stretch out their use?


On a tangent, predictable, but still a "tanget" nonetheless.

The manufacturers out there have feed our consumerist mind with the notion that we need a product for every little task and chore. In truth, there are a plethora of uses for a few products out there. Meaning: we only need a few products! They've tricked us into spending more money!

This is where you should google "many uses for". In most cases, you don't necessarily need a plastic bottle with a solution that says "cleaner". Vinegar and baking soda do wonders on your everyday cleaning tasks.


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