Monday, June 12, 2006

Back to the Priorities

I read on "Living on a Dime" (the website) that if we are trying to find cheaper ways to do our laundry, then perhaps there are bigger issues behind the "mole hill" of laundry. How skewed are our financial priorities that the proportionally miniscule amount of money we spend on our clean clothes becomes so monumental?

I agree. If you are trying to skimp on the little issues the bigger ones will only get big if you ignore them.

Now- in my mind- I make my own "adjustments" if need be- but they aren't permanent. For instance, if I've spent more than my "target" for the week on groceries- then that's when I do the substitutions. But- I try to monitor my spending and consumption (often more than what is necessary) all the time.

We should train our minds to think in terms of abundance, rather than need. It's amazing how little we actually *need* to have a comfortable, and dare I say, "happy" life. =)


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