Thursday, June 08, 2006

Many uses for Everyday things

Take a second to consider what you are about to throw away. Many household items/common things have unusual or alternative uses. The more "use" you get out of an item, the less you have to spend/buy on other things, and the less trash you''ll add to the landfills.

For example: stockings : can be used as spice bags to add in soups and stuff, or as tea "bags" for your loose tea leaves. If you keep an open and creative mind, you can put everything to good use.

In my life, I recently decided to use some popsicle sticks as cute "markers" for my potted seedlings so that I can (a) label what will be growing; and (b) have a visual of how tall the baby plants are. I actually used a ruler and copied half inch and inch marks on the sticks; and some extra 1/8th, 1/4th, and 1/2 inch marks for when I'm actually planting the seeds to their recommended depth. And, I'll use them over and over again as much as I can.

Otherwise, there are plenty of creative and frugal people in your community who could make good use for your would-be "trash". Join your local "Freecycle" group and pass on your bounty. {It has links to a freecycle group in your area}


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