Sunday, June 11, 2006

We're a Nation of Debt and Over-consumption

We would have a lot less debt looming over us and perhaps better "figures" if we just cut down on our consumption and stuck to what truly made us happy.

Wouldn't stretching the use of something out save you money and gas, and even calories? Do we really "have" to have the $5 dollar somethings that seem so irresistable and cause "spontaneous purchases". They add up fast and take away from saving/buy what we truly need/want and would use to the fullest in the eminent/near/distant future. We take the smaller purchases for granted.

Grocery Savings Tip. (I'm not taking credit for it- but am happy to pass it along.) A particular thrifty lady would ask for the grocery savings back in cash and deposit it into her savings account. It's a great idea since we would've spent the money anyways. Either way, we would not have been able to "touch" the money and probably would not miss it. Imagine if we applied this savings strategy to other purchases.


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