Thursday, June 15, 2006

My contempt for the Beast

This is a fight until death; a battle against our materialistic, consumer weakening, capitalistic society. Sometimes I get so frustrated that I have to use all of my genius and creativity all the time. Don't I deserve a rest- a reprieve- once in a while? (wink)

I'm an all or nothing type of personality. Ok- I'm a perfectionist; a perfectionist doesn't do well dealing with frugality. Perfectionists need to be in control and we perfectionists cannot control inflation or pricetags. The super rich 1% of people out there are putting a price tag on my ability to stay home with my daughter- and defining our financial deficit within the normal statistics.

When I cannot stand thinking about it anymore, I change my focus to my daughter. And that- is when I remember why the fight is worth fighting. I can't put a pricetag on how much I love the fruits of my frugal labor.


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