Saturday, June 17, 2006

Disdain for SAHMs?

Let's face it. A lot of frugal families have SAHMs. But does staying at home require/impune frugality on a family that loves carefree living? It's a matter of opinion and perspective in my mind.

I admit that frugality can be tiring at times- but I feel that it's always worth it. But let's consider a terrible thought: should SAHMs be scorned for their frugality. And in a way, wouldn't negativity about this issue really say that some people don't value what stay at home mothers do? It's a horrifying thought to me.

I do realize that there are mannies out there...but few and far between. But is that also saying that men would only do our job if they were paid? And that they see no rewards, benefits of or even value to our "contributions"? In the same token, you don't see many men jumping to "volunteer" to share or take over our "worthless duties". So, being a logical person, I came to the conclusion that some men out there expect us to take all of the household duties, child rearing duties AND work?

I admit that I feel a lot of guilt for not bringing in the income I'm expected to make. But it really gets me mad that there are a lot of other SAHMs that feel guilt too. That means that we don't give ourselves credit/worth, OR that our male counterparts are imparting negativity within our family system.

This has to stop!

She thinks we have some mending to do- within ourselves


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